Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupidest Post Ever :)

Soooo, I just finished day 1 of exams. I've got 3 down and only 4 more to go. Yay!

My Spanish exam got finished early, but we're not allowed to leave yet, so I decided to write this super random post because it would be dumb to waste my time studying for tomorrow's exams - ha! :)

I was looking through the pictures I have saved on my computer, and oh my. I do have some super random ones! Want to see some of the most random pictures ever on my computer? Yeah, I didn't think so - oh well, I'm going to post them anyway :)

So delicious, but I'm not sure why I saved this picture.....?

Just a picture of the Cincinnati skyline....

I can't believe I'm even posting this super embarrasing and super old picture of me!

 Everyone needs a map of the Mongol Empire on their computer......
How the heck did this get saved on my computer?!?!

Cute quote, don't remember why I made this though :) 

I really don't remember ever even seeing this, but it's totally true. 


Again, why is this saved on my computer?? 

Don't even ask anymore.... 

I can't believe I'm actually posting this because it's the stupidest post ever!

The one lesson learned from this post.....
If you're bored, check out the pictures you have saved on your computer. Maybe you'll have some random/funny ones like I do :)

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