Friday, October 4, 2013


In case you missed my post yesterday (here), I announced that I am now a Kappa Delta pledge. It was a bit of a long journey to get there, so here's my little recap on it.....

Sorority recruitment took place over the past two weekends. It was a Friday/Saturday/Sunday event. There were four different rounds.

Round 1 was Sisterhood, and we visited all the sororities. When you visit a sorority, you basically sit and talk to a few different girls in that sorority to give you a feel for it overall. It was a lot of talking to say the least. After Round 1, we narrowed the eight sororities down to our top six. You end up going back to the sororities based on mutual selection. So, if you like a sorority, and they like you, then you get called back.

For Round 2, I ended up getting called back to only four sororities, which I was honestly a little disappointed about. After Round 2 (House Tours), there was one sorority that I kind of liked more than the others.

Well, skip to Round 3, Philanthropy night, and I was upset when I found out that my favorite one after the previous round hadn't invited me back, and the two that had were Kappa Delta and one that was actually in my bottom two after Round 1, which I had eliminated (since they asked me back and not all of my top six did, I went back to them).

That night I was kind of questioning the whole sorority thing to be honest. I started wondering if I wanted to be a part of an organization that basically judges you on a couple of conversations you have.

Then I went back for Round 4, Pref night. That round you really got more of a feel for the sororities and the girls in them as they shared a bit of their ritual and talked to us as a whole group, instead of individually. That's when I knew that I wanted to join Kappa Delta.

It's funny because I had really wanted to like them in the beginning. My cousin was a Kappa Delta at UC, and she really got me interested in going through recruitment in the first place. I was a little disappointed after the first few rounds when I wasn't totally sold on them, but in the end I ended up feeling like I belonged at KD. Kind of weird how that worked out!

Sunday was Bid Day, where we went and saw which sorority we had been asked to join. We got to meet our pledge class, and then ran down a hill to the rest of our chapter. These were all the girls waiting for us at the bottom!

Each sorority has a Bid Day theme, and Kappa Delta's was the Wizard of Oz. One of our stones is the emerald, so they were going with the whole road to the Emerald City theme - so cute! Once we got to the sorority house, we had a big party, complete with food, desserts, a slushie machine, and a photo booth. It was so fun!

We got cute little baskets (like Dorothy!), filled with KD themed stuff.

Our first KD shirts are super cute too.

I am so excited to get initiated into Kappa Delta in about a month, but I am even more excited to meet a bunch of new girls and hopefully make some new friends!

Everyone kept telling me along the way that everything would work out in the end, and although I wasn't so sure at certain times, I am happy that it did work out :)

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