Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Project 365: September 2013

Another month has come and gone. How is it that we only have three months left in 2013?!

September 1 - My favorite fireworks display!

September 2 - Super delicious cookies for a Labor Day party this afternoon. :)

September 3 - Yum!

September 4 - Just another beautiful day on campus!

September 5 - Cake at work this morning? Just the pick-me-up I needed today. Zip Dip tonight too - double treats!

September 6 - Sydney's soccer practice tonight!

September 7 - Kenwood this afternoon and trying a new restaurant called Zip's for dinner made for a pretty good day!

September 8 - Crossing off the last item on my LONG to-do list for this past week has never felt so good.

September 9 - My semi-stressed out day was made a little better with a pumpkin Reese's Cup!

September 10 - Pretty day on campus!

September 11 - Another gorgeous but HOT day!

September 12 - Wahooo! Got my yearbook in the mail today!

September 13 - Started the night off at the KBS Formal, but wound up at The Cheesecake Factory with some new friends :)

September 14 - Keystone Mac & Cheese for dinner tonight. Yum, yum, yum!

September 15 - Target, Ulta, ice cream at Zip Dip, and a walk by the river made for a pretty fantastic Sunday afternoon.

September 16 - Sitting on a bench in full business professional attire with a copy of my resume in my hand waiting to go into an interview for a business organization. When did I get to be such an adult?!

September 17 - Silly girl!

September 18 - Went to the soccer game tonight with my sorority recruitment group!

September 19 - Disappointing.

September 20 - Hanging with this pup for a little bit before sorority recruitment starts!

September 21 - After a long (but fun!) day of recruitment, I had a low-key night of just grabbing some Chick-fil-a drive thru with this sweetie!

September 22 - Cuddling with this sweetie after a long day of sorority recruitment and a family party!

September 23 - Celebrating Mom & Dad's Anniversary the right way: Montgomery Inn for dinner and a BonBonerie cake for dessert!

September 24 - Why yes, I did listen to Christmas music while I worked today :)

September 25 - Lime with Courtney tonight!

September 26 - Mustache cake pops!

September 27 - Good way to kick off my second weekend of recruitment!

September 28 - Yum!

September 29 - Bid Day - officially a Kappa Delta!

September 30 - Little friend :)

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