Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Life Has Been Like

Life has been kind of insane as of late. I really do love college, but I was totally not expecting it to be so involved. Between classes, work, and extracurricular activities (I seriously have more "work" to do for my organizations than some of my classes), I don't have a whole lot any free time :)

I'm trying not complain about being super busy though and am instead trying to just soak it all in and really enjoy my college experience since I know it will go by fast.

Today I'm finally getting around to blogging about what's been going on these last few weeks!

Last weekend my family went to a local Octoberfest. We go every year, and the subdivision we park in is so pretty - I had to snap a picture.

The best part of going to Octoberfest is stocking up on my favorite cookies.

I also had a cake pop order last weekend for my friend's family. The theme was easy - green for a dance competition for the dance team at my old high school. This was my first batch of Seton cake pops since graduating, and it was a little sad for me....

My family had tickets to see Ghost (the musical!) and it was so fun. I hadn't seen a play in a long time, and Ghost was really good.

I had my fall break on Monday and Tuesday of this past week, so it was nice to have a long four day weekend. On Monday my mom and I headed out to the mall and I stocked up on some business casual attire since I feel like that's all I wear these days.

I am also pretty sure that there are no such things as comfortable business appropriate shoes. I have never owned a pair of comfortable flats. These cute ones seemed promising, but they ended up being yet another disappointment when I broke out in a horrible blister on my left heel.

On Thursday night my family participated in the Light the Night walk downtown, which is a fundraising walk for leukemia. We walked on a team for a woman that I do not personally know, but we have some connections to her extended family. The walk was really neat though - people had light up balloons that they carried since it was dark when we were walking. So fun!

Friday afternoon was a really fun time! One of my classes took a little mini field trip downtown to get a tour of the P&G headquarters since we are conducting a SWOT analysis on P&G. It was really interesting to hear more about the brands and history of such a big Cincinnati company.

Since we didn't have to get back to campus right away, I grabbed lunch downtown with my friend Courtney. She isn't from Cincinnati and had never really spent any time walking around the city, so it was fun. We also walked through Tiffany's and ate some cupcakes on Fountain Square. I mean, seriously, this is why college is awesome. It was the middle of a school day and we were able to go downtown for a fun little afternoon :)

My family snagged UC football tickets from my aunt, so we ate dinner up by campus and watched part of the game. We left a little early (I'm just really not that into football), and it was being broadcast on TV, so they stopped for commercials every other play practically.

My friend Danielle (who goes to Clemson), came home for the first time this weekend. It was so fun to finally get to talk to her in person instead of just through texting or skype. On Saturday we got manicures.....

.....had lunch at Piada (which just opened close to home and I am ecstatic about that!), and ate some Graeter's.

Saturday night I had a big sleepover/new member retreat with my sorority that was pretty fun as well.

It has been a busy few weeks, but I actually think this weekend is going to be pretty low-key, and I am excited about that.

I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far!

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