Sunday, January 5, 2014

Days of Nothing

Tomorrow reality hits.

It's back to school, back to homework, back to being busy, and back to being sleep deprived. I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm excited to see my friends, but I'm less than thrilled about everything else.

You want to know what I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow though?

The fact that the temperature is going to be BELOW FREEZING.

Nothing says welcome back to school and getting up early with sub-zero temperatures.

Anyway, I just looked back at my posts and realized that there a few late December/early January things I hadn't quite blogged about yet, including my New Years Eve!

First off, if you have a pair of Hunter rain boots, you have to get these Fleece Welly Socks. I bought them a few weeks ago and am already in love. Now I can wear my Hunters when it's snowing out too so my feet stay dry and warm.

I have always been a fan of Cheryl's cookies (if you've never had one - you need to look them up!), but this one was SO good. I always pick up a cookie when I'm at Easton, and I just had to try this seasonal flavor. So yummy!

Oh! And another thing you have to try (apparently this post is just turning into my recommendations - ha!): Panera's Hot Chocolate. I had never had it before, but I met my friend for dinner at Panera earlier this week, and she told me how it good it was, so I just had to get it. What sold me was the fact that their hot chocolate has CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MARSHMALLOWS. Who know that existed?! They were so amazing. Plus they drizzle caramel in your hot chocolate too. It's $3 for a pretty big size (probably a Grande at Starbucks) - you have to try it.

My New Years Eve was kind of uneventful this year. My mom and I tried out a new place for lunch, and I got watch New Years Eve (such a cute movie!). Then I went over my aunt's for dinner. I played with my cousins for a few hours....

My parents went to a different party for a few hours, so we all met back home before midnight. I got home a little earlier than them and got to cuddle with Coco.

We ended up just making some party food and ringing in 2014 together. This was the first year in ages that we haven't gone to a party. Kind of weird, but it was nice to welcome 2014 very peacefully :)

New Years Day was super relaxing as well. In fact, the entire second half of my Christmas break was very relaxing. The first half was crazy busy, so it was nice to balance it out with a few "nothing" days.

I did more relaxing with Coco. She's just the cutest thing!

My family went out to dinner that night with some friends. We were planning on going to Cheddar's but ended up passing a place called Sakura on the way. Everyone was talking about how they've never gone there but have always wanted to try it, so we ended up eating there instead. It was really good! They cook your food at the table, so it was something a little different.

Thursday was the ultimate relaxation day! I never left the house at all. I stayed in my pajamas all day except to change into a different pair of pajamas. That is what I like to call success :)

I even took a nice relaxing bath. I don't usually take a lot of baths, but ever since I've discovered Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars I've been doing it more. I still don't take baths too frequently, so it's always a treat when I do. I had a rose-scented bubble bar that turned the water pink. It was so relaxing and it seriously smelled so good!

I then finished off my day with a mug of hot chocolate and a movie. The number of movies I've watched over this break is probably unhealthy ;)

I cannot believe that the Reese's eggs are already in stores. Easter isn't until April 20?!? I'm not complaining though - the eggs taste the best!

After a few low-key days, I was dying to get out of the house yesterday, so my dad and I stopped at the store, and I was thrilled to see that Target has bathing suits out. We're still far from needing swim suits (did I mention it's going to be below zero tomorrow?), but it still made me extremely happy.

I also went to dinner with my friend Danielle at Don Pablos and saw Frozen again. Such a fun way to end Christmas break.

Today was yet another relaxation day. I've been trying to get some stuff done for school tomorrow, and I also made some super yummy Cake Batter Bars since it's going to be cold and snowy these next few days (I look for any excuse to do some baking - ha!).

Overall, this was a fabulous Christmas break filled with a good balance of fun and rest. I made so many memories with my family while also having a lot of time to catch up on some sleep.

Now begins my second semester of college! I'm excited for no classes on Fridays (hello three day weekend every weekend!), a fun trip later this month, and a study abroad trip at the end of the semester.

I'm off to take a shower and watch one last movie before the end of break!

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