Saturday, January 11, 2014

Semester 2

I am done with my first week of second semester classes. This week was a pretty awesome week though considering we were off Monday and Tuesday. So I haven't been to all of my classes so far, but this semester is already looking so different from last semester.

It's funny how much your schedule changes from one semester to the next. In high school you would change maybe one or two classes, but in college your entire schedule and what time you even have to be at school completely changes.

My schedule kind of rocks this semester. I had a little bit more flexibility with choosing classes than I did first semester. I get to sleep in a little on Monday and Wednesday since I don't have an 8 AM class. I have extracurricular meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I made my schedule so that I have classes and/or work later in the day those days.

But the best part of all? NO CLASS ON FRIDAYS!

I think I'm going to love this three day weekend every weekend thing (although I did have to go in yesterday for a 30 minute meeting which was slightly annoying).

I'm pretty busy my other days, so Friday is going to have to be a homework day at home.

In fact, I was super proud of myself this past week with what I got done.

On Wednesday, the first day of school, I had a few hours between work and my meeting and I actually found myself a private room in the bottom of the college of business and worked on homework. On the first day of school! I didn't even have that much, but I started reading ahead for some of my classes so I don't have to do as much later. I had the time so I figured I might as well use it!

Then yesterday I pretty much spent all afternoon working on stuff. I read chapter 2 for one of my classes when we haven't even covered chapter 1 yet. I started an essay due Monday, read some articles for a Tuesday class, and read some other readings for one my Wednesday class. I'm hoping this motivation to get stuff done sticks around for a long time!

I've always been one to not procrastinate and get assignments done ahead of time, but I'm pretty far ahead that I'm impressed with myself and this motivation that seemed to come out of nowhere :)

At this rate, I'm feeling motivated and excited. I hope this momentum sticks around for the rest of the semester!

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