Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365: December 2013

Another year of Project 365 is finished, but I'm so excited to continue it in 2014!

December 1 - Saw The Grinch Musical tonight!

December 2 - KBS celebratory Cheesecake Factory dessert to celebrate finishing SWOT today!

December 3 - :)

December 4 - Busken cookies!

December 5 - Cutie!

December 6 - My day started off with St. Nick presents, Starbucks, doughnuts, and a cupcake book from my communications professor. It got even better when I went home and watched movies while it was snowing outside!

December 7 - A fun Saturday: decorated our Christmas tree, KD holiday party, shopping, and Christmas light looking.

December 8 - Annual cookie baking day!

December 9 - Stayed at home all day studying for my Econ final and snuggling with Coco!

December 10 - Finished up my last final today and kicked off Christmas break with an afternoon of Kenwood shopping and seeing Frozen!

December 11 - Did some Christmas shopping and wrapping presents while watching my favorite movie!

December 12 - Doing some reading on my lunch break.

December 13 - Cupcakes!!

December 14 - Such a sweet present from a family I babysit for!

December 15 - Spent the evening walking around downtown, taking a carriage ride, and eating at Palomino's!

December 16 - Christmas cake pops!

December 17 - Busy day: lunch with friends, visiting Seton, shopping at Macy's, and baking two more cakes since I have three cake pop orders this week!

December 18 - A long day of volunteering called for a Yagoot treat!

December 19 - Watched Maddie's Christmas show tonight!

December 20 - Babysat Savannah, worked on cake pops, and got blueberry cobbler at Moerlein. It was a pretty good day.

December 21 -Saw Awaited and had dinner at PF Changs tonight! 

December 22 - Cupcakes for Christmas!

December 23 - Babysitting this cutie tonight!

December 24 - So blessed to have been able to spend Christmas Eve with my family tonight!

December 25 - Enjoyed an absolutely wonderful Christmas with my family!

December 26 - Finally got to go to the Festival of Lights tonight.

December 27 - Sweets and shopping at Easton today. Life is good!

December 28 - Perfect day: slept 12 hours, watched a movie, had dinner with friends, got Starbucks, walked around Target, and watched another movie!

December 29 - Rainy days can't get me down. In fact, I look forward to them now that I have my rain boots and new rain jacket!

December 30 - Did some Charleston planning this evening at Panera. Who knew they had hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookie marshmallows?!

December 31 - Ringing in the new year with my sweet pup!

Such a fun December and year overall!

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