Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Project 365: March 2014

March was another fun month. One of my favorite things about Project 365 is being able to look back at the end of each month at all of the good things that happened!

March 1 - Kappa Delta Mother's Weekend!

March 2 - Winter storm rolling in....escaped for a little while to get Rock Bottom but had to skip Evita to get back home.

March 3 - Had a tough time getting out of the subdivision this morning since I had school on this snow day!

March 4 - Mardi Gras treats at work today!

March 5 - Is it pathetic when dinner turns out to be one of the highlights of the day?

March 6 - Taking over my bed....

March 7 - Someone is enjoying this warmer weather!

March 8 - Celebrated doing well on our OV exam with a trip to Graeter's!

March 9 - YESSSS!!

March 10 - Such a silly girl!

March 11 - Felt like summer today and it was absolutely amazing.

March 12 - Pretty sky on my drive home tonight!

March 13 - Someone is crying because she doesn't want to be with me but wants mom instead..... :(

March 14 - Wearing my wedges for the first time this year as I head out to Yagoot, Rookwood, and Target on my first day of spring break!

March 15 - Had a great day of relaxing, painting my nails, going to dinner, and having a bonfire at our family friend's!

March 16 - The fact that she just decided to lay on my pillow makes her such a diva dog!

March 17 - Made cookies just  for fun tonight!

March 18 - Went to Incline House for dinner with Danielle tonight!

March 19 - Started my new book today which is totally me!

March 20 - Successful Kenwood shopping day with Danielle!

March 21 - Such a fabulous day! Met Dad downtown for lunch at First Watch and Yagoot, got a cupcake from Abby Girl Sweets to go, worked on cake pops, walked at the park since it was sunny & 65, read my book outside, and watched a movie.

March 22 - Chilling with Coco between a Kenwood trip and babysitting.

March 23 - Made a batch of just for fun summer themed cake pops for the first day back from spring break tomorrow!

March 24 - Had chocolate all the way from Belgium today!

March 25 - Got my new purse in the mail today!

March 26 - One of the best things to come to after a busy day: good ice cream :)

March 27 - Getting a sneak peek of Shamrock pinwheels!

March 28 - Had so much fun at Shamrock tonight!

March 29 - Yes, that would by my dog sleeping with her head propped up on a pillow.

March 30 - Spending the evening with Coco after a day of Greek Games and a KBS meeting!

March 31 - Opening Day dinner at Cancun's!

I hope you all had a great March. I'm still in disbelief that it's April already!

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