Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Last Week of Class

It's so weird how after 12 years of school ending in late May or early June to suddenly be finishing school at the end of April. I mean, my birthday is now a summer birthday. What?!?

My last week of normal class was April 14-18. It was a busy week since I had a presentation, a quiz, a test, and a bunch of other things to complete. I really tried to take it all in though and enjoy the last few days of class before summer.

I kicked off my last week of class by making cake pops for my friend's sister's birthday. I always love doing cake pop orders. It also made me a little sad because a part of me missed being 16 since I was doing Sweet 16 themed ones.

For the most part, the weather has been nice and warm around here. But then it snowed. This is so not what you want to wake up to in the middle of April.....

Lately I've been listening to music at work a lot more. With my job, I can listen to music on my iPhone while I work, so I've been listening to iTunes radio, especially the Frozen station which only plays Disney music. I always get happy when this song comes on since it reminds of Royal Caribbean's commercials and just puts me in a better mood. Sometimes it's the simple things like a good song on the radio that can make your day!

Speaking of work, the big thing I was doing at work during the last week of class was prepping diplomas. The students who are graduating get their actual diploma mailed to them, but we had to stuff the diploma covers with a letter from the president of the university. It was so weird to think that I'll be getting a college diploma in just a few short years.

That Tuesday I had my last Kappa Delta meeting of the year, which was so crazy! Since my birthday now falls in the summer, I got a little treat for my birthday too.

When I was leaving the KD house, I turned back and caught a glimpse of the sun setting over Stratford. I thought it was so pretty and also kind of fitting since I had been thinking about how my first year of college was coming to an end just as the sun was setting over campus.

On Wednesday of that week, my friend Courtney and I celebrated the end of the school year with a trip to Yagoot. Wahoooo!

I also had a celebratory lunch with another friend at the nice sit down restaurant on campus on Thursday for getting through a particularly annoying class. I have a tendency to like to celebrate things with food. Oops ;)

My family also colored Easter eggs on Thursday night. You're never too old to color eggs, right?

My last week of class may have been filled with a lot of homework and stress, but the fun times and memories made with friends made up for it!

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