Monday, May 12, 2014

Project 365: April 2014

I'm a little behind on posting my Project 365 this month since my priority has been to finish my Montreal posts. This past month was an absolute fabulous one - I mean, I finished my freshman year of college and got to travel out of the country with a big group of friends....what's not to like about that?

Here's some of the fun things I did this month.....

April 1 - This is the type of weather I could get used to!

April 2 - Got to spend a lot of time with Coco this morning! I slept in (and slept a total of 10 hours!) since I didn't have to be at UC and went to Seton instead to talk on the College Panel!

April 3 - Celebrating another completed school week with a smoothie!

April 4 - Got to visit the zoo today for some research on our project!

April 5 - Selfies down at the Banks tonight. Ha!

April 6 - Had Graeter's today, which is always a good thing except when you have to pay for your entire family's ice cream since you lost the NCAA bracket.....

April 7 - Enjoyed this yummy egg for lunch today!

April 8 - Entirely too accurate of my house.

April 9 - Finished up an exam and had a last minute trip to Taste of Belgium with some friends! It was so nice that we sat outside on the patio and ate - perfection!

April 10 - Treated myself to dinner at Lime tonight!

April 11 - Today was spent having a mock interview, eating lunch with the president of the Cincinnati Zoo, working on homework with Coco, and babysitting!

April 12 - Kappa Delta formal tonight! So fun!

April 13 - Spent my Sunday afternoon working on a cake pop order!

April 14 - This song always makes me think of Royal Caribbean!

April 15 - Sun setting over Stratford as I leave my last KD meeting of the year!

April 16 - Prepping UC diplomas for graduation. So weird that I'll be getting mine in just a few short years!

April 17 - Coloring Easter eggs this evening after my last day of class!

April 18 - Such a fun day: Taste of Belgium for breakfast, walking around Findlay Market, getting my money for Montreal, and shopping at Kenwood!

April 19 - Beautiful day for my first meal at Cabana for the season!

April 20 - Happy Easter!

April 21 - Spent this absolute gorgeous day at the Zoo. Loved this sweet mama monkey cuddling with her baby!

April 22 - Finished my accounting exam early this morning and spent the rest of the day seeing Heaven is for Real, eating dinner at Five Guys, and watching the girls' dance rehearsal!

April 23 - Today consisted of work, lunch with friends, and studying for my last final!

April 24 - Officially finished with my first year of college! Now onto Montreal planning :)

April 25 - Someone wants to stowaway in my suitcase to Montreal!

April 26 - Montreal bound! Got to love getting stuck in the JFK airport with these people for 6 hours.... ;)

April 27 - Montreal Day 1: cultural tour, lunch in Chinatown, lots of exploring, and a fun evening!

April 28 - Montreal Day 2: UQAM, touring Cirque's headquareters, Spanish paella for dinner, and a night out with friends!

April 29 - Montreal Day 3: cultural activity, Ethiopian food (so good!), exploring Old Montreal, seeing Kurios (amazing!), and an amazing last night out with KBS friends :)

April 30 - Montreal Day 4: cultural experience presentations, and flying back home. So thankful for this amazing experience!!

This was such a fabulous April, and I am just so thankful for all the fun times and memories made during the month!

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