Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Lovin'

The fact that it is already summer for me is so crazy, but I have been absolutely loving it. After spending twelve years in school where summer started at the beginning of June, it's been so awesome this year to have summer start at the beginning of May. I'm working a few days a week, but that still gives me some off days to relax. There have been quite a few days so far where I have spent my day actually doing nothing but laying around my house, watching movies, and reading books. This is just the break I've been needing after my first year of college!

Here's what I've been up to these last few weeks....

My birthday was May 3rd, and it was a super low-key birthday. Coco accompanied me in the car to pick up some lunch.... Chick-fil-a because that's one of my favorites!

I got a super cute new watch for my birthday. I've never been a watch person before, but the last few months I've been thinking that I need to start wearing one. There have been multiple times this past year I've wished I had a watch since most of my college classrooms don't have clocks! I'm so excited that I got a nice watch that will go with everything.

My cousin made his First Communion on my birthday, so that's what I did the rest of the day - went to church and a family party.

And then we stopped for Graeter's on the way home :)

The next day was the annual Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. My family went downtown since one of our family friends was running the full marathon, so we waited and cheered for her near the finish line. It was actually really neat to see all of the support for all of the people doing the half and the full. It almost made me want to do it myself some day. But just almost ;)

This would be a pretty accurate representation of how I've spent most of my time these last few weeks. Doing absolutely nothing and loving it.

I just love this dog.

Last week I met my friend Danielle at the park for a Skyline picnic and relaxing by the river. Such a perfect afternoon!

I feel like I've been reading non-stop recently. I love to read but don't have time during the school year, so I guess I've just been trying to catch up. I just finished The Fault in Our Stars (which was SO good - I would highly recommend reading it before the movie comes out!), and now I'm starting to re-read the entire Harry Potter series.

Last week I went out the Bonbonerie to pick up some cookies for Mother's Day. It's always a good day when you make a visit to Bonbonerie!

And since I was saving the cookies for a few days, I had to pick myself up a small cupcake to eat then. Ha!

Not really sure whether you can even call Coco a dog.....

I made this super yummy dessert for a party I went to on Friday night. My learning community went to dinner and back over my friend's apartment, and it ended up being so fun!

So that's what the beginning of my summer has looked like. I'm loving having all of this time to bake, spend time with friends, watch movies, and read books!

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