Saturday, May 3, 2014


Today is my nineteenth birthday. It's really hard to believe that I only have one more year left in my teens before I'm in my 20's. What?! So crazy!

One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to look back and old posts. It's funny how much things have changed from my sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth birthdays.

I have to say that my eighteenth birthday was my favorite. It was just a really good day spent with friends, family, and cupcakes. It's weird how your birthday can look so different from one year to the next. Last year I had school and was still in high school, I had to babysit, and my senior art show was that evening. Now it's summer and I'm done with my first year of college, and I don't really have anything going on today.

In fact, my nineteenth birthday is shaping up to be relatively uneventful. I don't have any plans until tonight when I'm going to my cousin's First Communion.

Yesterday though was pretty awesome - I tried to get a lot of my birthday celebration in, starting off with some Yagoot!

I also treated myself to a manicure because what's more relaxing than an afternoon at the spa?

Then I worked on a cake pop order for one of my mom's coworkers. They're for a baby shower, and I think they turned out so cute!

My family went out to dinner for my birthday at Moerlein downtown. It's my absolute favorite restaurant in Cincinnati. I die over their blueberry cobbler every time I'm there.

My mom and I at dinner.

So even though my actual birthday is a little uneventful, I've had a great last few days!

Here's to a great nineteenth year! :)

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