Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Year Older

Today's my 17th birthday!

I feel like everyone makes a big deal about your sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays, but no one pays attention to your seventeenth. Ha! Oh well...I guess you do get more privileges on your 16th and 18th birthdays.

BUT, now I'm officially old enough to....

...see a rated R movie in theaters... until 1 am...

...and drive more than one other person!

I'm still in shock that today is May 3 already. This year has flown by!

This is my favorite picture of me when I was little. I think I was 3 months old :) Just thought I'd add it in!

I'm not really celebrating my birthday a whole lot today. I actually have my calculus and chemistry final exams today, and some more quizzes/exams tomorrow. At first, I was REALLY annoyed/mad/angry that all of this fell on my birthday, but then I ended up realizing that it's actually a good thing. Now I have something to be happy and excited about in the midst of a crazy day!

Normally my family goes out to eat on my birthday, but I think we're going tomorrow since I have so much stuff going on. I've also got a family party this weekend, and another one in a few weeks. I'm excited - I love celebrating my birthday with my family! Some of my cousins have birthdays that are coming up too that I'm excited about. Birthdays are so fun!

I hope your May 3 is fabulous - it's one of my favorite days of the year! I know it probably won't always be though :) In fact, I probably don't have much longer until I dread May 3 - ha!

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