Thursday, May 24, 2012

Story Time {Kings Island}

I thought I'd share with you today a few embarrassing stories :) Maybe you'll get a good laugh out of these!

So, we have an amusement park close to where I live called Kings Island.

It's always fun to go there, but it's also the sight of 2 of my most embarrassing stories! Although both of these things happened at the same place, thankfully they didn't happen on the same day! They actually took place a few years apart.

1. Trash Trauma
A few years ago they built this new ride called the Italian Job.

I was at Kings Island just after they had opened it with my parents and my friend Abby. We were walking by the ride, looking at it. I wasn't watching where I was going (never a good thing!).

Before I knew it, I had run into something. It was a garbage can! One of those pretty big ones too. It started to fall over, so before it fell and trash went everywhere, I reached out and caught it.

So, just imagine this: I'm standing there, leaning over, with my arms wrapped around this giant trash can that is tipped over on it's side. I had a little difficulty lifting it back up, but I finally did.

At that point, my parents, my friend, and random people walking by us were looking at me and laughing. I just about died, but I guess it's kind of funny thinking back on it now!


2. Double Trouble
Another time (a few years after the first incident), I was at Kings Island again, this time with a big group of my friends.

We were hungry for dinner, so we decided to go to a food court place called the Festhaus.

We split up, some of us going one way to get there, and some of us going another way. We wanted to see who could get there the fastest :)

I started running in my flip flops. And I tripped. Like, totally wiped out on the concrete sidewalk. My knees were all scraped and bloody.

Now, when I get hurt, I get really mad. I don't know why, I just always get so frustrated about it. Well, one of my friends came up to me to try and help me up, and I kind of snapped at her (I still feel bad about that - don't know why I did it!).

At that point, I just really wanted to get to the Festhaus to clean up my knees and get something to eat (I'll blame my grouchy behavior on hunger....ha!). But anyway, I power walked it the rest of the way to the Festhaus. I'm pretty sure my friends were walking behind me cracking up at this point, and I honestly don't blame them!

I finally got into the Festhaus, and I made a bee-line for the bathroom. At this point my knees were really hurting, and I needed to clean them off. I was SO focused on getting to the bathroom that I didn't notice a certain sign on the floor.....

Yeah, the floor was wet, and as I was doing my power walk to the bathroom, I completely slipped and wiped out. Again.

I was SO mad at this point, and I'm pretty sure I laid there on the floor for a little bit because I was just so surprised and angry about the whole thing. Ha!

I did finally get to the bathroom and get cleaned up. I later heard from some of my friends that when they came in and saw my on the floor in the Festhaus they had a hard time controlling their laughter. :)

For a few years, I had a scar on my knee from falling, but I think it's finally gone now. My friends and I still joke and laugh about the whole incident. It's really funny thinking about it now, but it sure wasn't funny to me when it happened!


I haven't been to Kings Island in a long time, and just the other day I was thinking about how I need to go again. After thinking back on these 2 stories, maybe that isn't such a great idea. :)

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