Monday, May 7, 2012

AP Week

It seems like just yesterday I was starting school. This year I took 4 AP classes.

I remember the first day of school. To be honest, it was kind of frightening! I got into class, and all of my AP teachers talked about how difficult the classes we were about to start were going to be. I heard things like "this is going to be the hardest class you will ever take in high school".

It was crazy, and there were quite a few people who dropped out of those tough classes after the first day or so. I decided to stick it out though, and I guess I'm glad I did.

The whole year has been building up to this week: AP exam week. I don't know how many times I've heard my teachers mention AP exams. Probably too numerous to count!

And now it's here. This year has seriously gone faster than any other school year so far! And I can honestly say, I'm SO glad it's here. Life is going to be absolutely amazing after these exams are over :)

Going into junior year, I heard SO many bad things about it. Everyone said that it's the hardest year academically. Having almost completed it, I'd say that's true. I have had to work harder than I have in my entire life.

Taking classes like AB Calculus, Chemisty, American History, and English are tough! We have had a quiz in my history class almost every single day this year. I just finished my chemistry exam over 17 chapters!

And although it has been tough, it hasn't been impossible. In fact, this year wasn't quite as hard as everyone made it out to be. Sure, I've had to work harder, but my grades haven't really gone down too much :)

I guess the point of this post is a celebratory one. It's like I've been on a boat in the middle of the ocean all year, and I am finally so close to the dock.

If you could keep my classmates and I in your thoughts and prayers, I'd really appreciate it! We've got some very difficult and extremely long tests ahead of us.

I'm so looking forward to finishing these exams!

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