Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a Weekend.....

I was seriously SO busy this weekend. As in, I have 4 exams this week, but I only had time to work on homework for about 2 hours all weekend. Oh well! I had so much fun though.

On Friday night I met 2 of my friends, Ashley and Danielle, at O'Charley's for dinner. We ended up being there for almost 3 hours just talking. It was so fun! We never get together like that, so it was fun to catch up.

I came home after that and fell asleep early after a long week of exams!

Saturday I was pretty much going non-stop. I got up and worked on an English project for a little bit. And the project ended up being canceled today. Figures the one thing I actually work on this weekend.... But it was fun because it involved looking through old pictures. Look at this one I found that my friend Abby gave me for my birthday a while back....ha!

Then I had my family birthday party, I visited my grandpa, and I had my cousin's First Communion party to go to.

As soon as I was done with all that, I headed out to the mall to meet my cousins for dinner and shopping!

Today was yet another busy day! From church, to lunch, and an art show at school, I wasn't home until 2:30. Then I had to be back out the door at 4:30 to go to dinner with my parents.

We went to a restaurant called Palomino downtown. The food is SO good, and it overlooks Fountain Square.

After dinner we headed over to the Aronoff Theater to see Mamma Mia! I'd seen the movie before and obviously knew all the songs, but I'd never seen the play before. It didn't disappoint! It was definitely one of my favorite plays I've ever seen. The music is just SO good that I left the theater in such an upbeat and good mood.

I had so much fun this weekend, but I really can't wait to have a day of relaxation. I could really use one right about now!

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