Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday {May Edition}

I can't believe it's May already! May is definitely one of my favorite months, so I thought I'd dedicate my What I'm Loving Wednesday post to things I'm loving about May!

I'm loving that I only have a few weeks of school left, and my last day of school is on May 30! Summer is so close I can practically taste it.

I'm loving that after today I only have 18 days of school, and only 8 of those are regular schedule days :)

I'm loving that I've got a lot of busy and fun things going on in May including.....

.....lots of family parties....

....going to see Mamma Mia....

....and going out of town!

I'm loving that after next week I'll basically be done with school. I have AP Exams next week, so after I get those out of the way, it should be smooth sailing!

I'm loving that it's finally starting to get warmer again. It's been in the 80s most of this week. Yay!

And last but certainly not least,
I'm loving that my birthday is tomorrow! Wahooo!

Do you like May as much as I do? Have a great Wednesday!

1 comment:

Arielle said...

I WISH it would be in the 80's here in FL... soooo HOT!!
new follower over from the link up! :)