Monday, April 30, 2012

Project 365: April

I can't believe that April is already over. Where is this year going?!

Here's what I was up to this month...

April 1 - Tried Graeter's cake batter brownie ice cream today!

April 2 - Is this even a dog?

April 3 - Finished homework early and got to watch 50 First Dates!

April 4 - Baked Easter cupcakes and colored eggs with Rachel, Nicci, and Tina tonight!

April 5 - Went to the Opening Day parade today!

April 6 - Baked my cupcakes for Easter today :)

April 7 - Finally finished up my cupcakes this afternoon!

April 8 - Happy Easter!

April 9 - Maddie and Sydney came over for a sleepover tonight!

April 10 - Went to the Cabana for the first time this year :)

April 11 - Finally dug into my giant and delicious chocolate bunny!

April 12 - Didn't do anything overly exciting today besides work on homework and play with Coco...

April 13 - I was sick from school today, but I did get to see Savannah!

April 14 - Got my $8 prom dress today!

April 15 - Father/Daughter Dance is tonight!

April 16 - Had a REALLY bad day, so I pigged out on my favorite pie - ha!

April 17 - Stopped down at the Cabana tonight just to chat and visit for a little while!

April 18 - Got to bed at 9:30 tonight. Yay!

April 19 - Absolutely nothing happened today, so I'm using a picture I took on Saturday - ha!

April 20 - Went to the art museum on a field trip today!

April 21 - Went prom dress shopping with Rachel and Nicci tonight.

April 22 - Savannah's baptism was today. So fun!

April 23 - Coco was chewing up a tissue on my bed today.....

April 24 - Went to Panda Express and Target tonight with Mom to get a break from homework :)

April 25 - Tried out some different prom eye makeup techniques tonight. Lol!

April 26 - Painted my nails tonight for prom!!

April 27 - Had the BEST time at prom tonight! Here's our view from Primavista!

April 28 - My whole day was spent studying. I did take a break to pick myself up a strawberry smoothie from Graeter's though!

April 29 - Went to the Action Item and Hot Chelle Rae concert tonight with Abby and Danielle :)

April 30 - Exam week stinks....

I'm SO excited tomorrow is the first day of May!

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