Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baking and Bunnies

First off, I hope everyone had a great Easter! I'll tell you about that in a later post, but for now I wanted to post about my Saturday.

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I love to bake. I'm always in charge of desserts, so I had to bake something for Easter dinner on my dad's side of the family.

I had this fabulous idea that I just randomly came up with out of my head. I baked my cupcakes....

....and then I went to decorate them. I decided to make little Easter baskets out of cookies to go on top. And it didn't work. I was a little disappointed, but I still might give it another shot some other time. It seemed like a good idea, but to save time I used store-bought cookie dough, and I think that might have been the problem. Oh well, you win some and you lose some....

But anyway, now I had to resort to plan B. All along I had decided to make my own buttercream frosting (delicious!), and when I went to find my icing tip to pipe the icing on, I couldn't find it! All of my baking stuff was SO unorganized. I had things all over my kitchen and house. So, I ran out to Hobby Lobby to replace my tip, and to Target to get something to organize everything.

While I was at Hobby Lobby I also picked up some cute pearl sprinkles, and these adorable cupcake toppers!

I stopped and got carry out from Panda Express while I was out running. Normally this wouldn't be picture-worthy, but my little box of orange chicken was SO little and adorable that I just couldn't resist taking a picture :) It's kind of hard to tell just how little it is here though....

Then I set to organizing everything. I'm happy to say that I now have all of my baking things in one place, and I don't think I'll be losing anything anytime soon - ha!

After all of that, I was really happy with the way the cupcakes turned out!

I think the cupcake toppers really add to them too :) The cupcakes were a hit with my family!

I've got to post these pictures too. After I finished baking, my dad spotted 2 baby bunnies in our backyard, and my mom and I ran out with our phones to take a bunch of pictures. They were so stinkin' little and cute! I thought it was funny that they happened to be in our backyard the day before Easter too!

This Easter break has been so much fun so far!

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