Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I had a really great Easter, and I hope you did too! It was really busy though - we were hardly at home all day!

We started off the day by going to church, and then we came home for a little bit and took some pictures.

Then we headed out to brunch with my mom's side of the family. We always go to this place called Aston Oaks for Thanksgiving and Easter. It's always so good!

We always go outside and take pictures too since it's so pretty.

My grandpa is still in the hospital, so we went up to visit him too. Then it was time to go over my aunt's house to have Easter with my dad's side of the family.

We always do an Easter egg hunt over there. My older cousins and I are now in charge of hiding the eggs for my younger cousins. It's always so fun, and we always get really creative with our hiding spots :)

We always hide at least one egg in someone's car...

The mailbox is another one of our "classic" spots - ha!

We had dinner over there and sat around and talked for awhile. It's always fun to get together with my family!

Facing reality on Wednesday is really going to stink - I've been having way too much fun away from school!

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