Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slumber Party + More Fun!

Last night my cousins Maddie and Sydney came over for a slumber party! It's always so fun when they come over to spend the night.

We started out the night at Subway - their favorite restaurant ever!

Then we went to the park to play.

It was funny when we got down to the park, we ran into my dad's cousins. They were flying a kite, so Maddie and Sydney got to do that too :)

When we came home, we broke out the glow sticks, which is something we do every time they come over!

Coco had to get a glow bracelet too of course :)

Then we settled in to watch Tangled.

When we woke up, we ate cinnamon rolls, finished Tangled, and watched Despicable Me before they headed home.

Today my mom and I went out to eat at the Cabana. They just opened on Monday, so we were dying to go! It was a little cold, but it made me so happy just being there because I always associate Cabana with summer. Plus they got some new menu items which were delicious!

Then we visited my grandpa, went to Target, and got some ice cream at Zip Dip. I'd say it was a good day!

Reality is going to hit hard tomorrow - ha! Easter break has been too good to me :)

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