Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lalaloopsy Weekend

I had a weekend full of family parties! I love that about summer - it seems like I always have some kind of family event to go to.

I got out of school early on Friday because of exams, so I went home and got to work on another batch of cake pops. I made these blue and green swirled ones for my family birthday party, which was on Saturday.

Then my dad and I got Zip Dip (yummy!), and I went over my aunt's house to hang out with my cousins. My cousin Sydney had a Lalaloopsy themed party today, so she was showing me all of her Lalaloopsy goodies - rings and tattoos!

On Saturday I got up and started right to work on Lalaloopsy cake pops for the big party. They were very time consuming, but I think they're the best ones I've ever made! I was especially proud of them considering I came up with all the decorating ideas myself and didn't just use an online tutorial :)

I went a little overboard on all the pictures....

I think this one turned out to be my favorite! My parents were laughing at me because I just kept saying that it "had the best hairline". Ha!

My cousin Melissa sent me this picture of the birthday girl with the cake pops. I love how happy she is here! That makes all the hard work totally worth it!

Saturday night I went over my aunt's house for a combined birthday party for my cousin and I. It was fun - we ate cake pops and discussed future plans for my own bakery :) I even got some new baking supplies - new sprinkles and candy flavorings! How amazing would a chocolate cake pop be with mint flavored candy coating?!? I'm such a baking nerd!

Then today was the big Lalaloopsy party! I loved all the fun decorations!

Savannah was looking super cute today too!

They even had a princess bounce house!

I'd say it was a fun weekend! I only have one more day of school left (actually only an hour and a half) on Tuesday until it's officially summer. Yay!

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