Friday, May 18, 2012

Real Life {Careers}

I'm getting to the age where people are constantly asking me questions about college and what I want to study. For the longest time, my answer has always been "I have absolutely no idea". It started stressing me out that I had absolutely no clue or direction even.

I've visited a few colleges and received information about a lot of different careers, but I never got excited about any of them. I could never envision myself in any of those careers. I can't see myself as a teacher, pharmacist, mathematician, accountant, or really anything.

But recently, I've finally at least found an idea that I would like to look into. Can you guess what it is? It would involve working with one of these everyday.....

Yeah, I'm actually considering going into baking. Crazy! All of a sudden I have this dream of opening my own bakery. How awesome would that be?!? I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself though considering I've already thought about bakery names and how I would decorate my bakery, but I have absolutely no idea where to even start in opening a bakery. Ha!

My school has a senior project where we can pick any topic we want to research and a project to go along with it. I know that I definitely want to research how to open a bakery and do some kind of baking project! I think that would definitely help me in the long run.

I'm just hoping that after that, I'll still want to continue on with it. Otherwise I don't have a back-up.

I guess I'll figure it out in the long run. Maybe someday I'll re-read this post while taking a break from baking in my own bakery, or maybe I'll re-read it and just laugh at myself. It should be interesting to see where God really does lead me. For now, I'm thinking it just might be into baking.....

Especially considering I'm making cake pops this weekend for my school friends since I've had several requests for them, and I spent more money in the last week on baking supplies than anything else :)

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