Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Million Little Things

This has been a really good weekend. I didn't do anything super fun like go out of town or go to a really fun concert. It was just a million little things that made this weekend so enjoyable.

Friday night I went out to ice cream with my friend Danielle. We sat and talked for probably over an hour, and it was so fun! I hadn't done anything with my friends on the weekend in a long time because I've been busy, so it was nice to finally get to this weekend :)

Saturday afternoon my cousin Maddie had an indoor soccer game, so my mom and I went to watch. I got to hold Savannah too, although she doesn't seem as thrilled about it as I was - ha!

We've had such gorgeous weather this weekend that I even took Coco for a walk on Saturday! This picture just looks like my definition of fall.

I picked up Chick-fil-A for dinner - my favorite!

That night I was supposed to babysit my parent's friends's kids because my parents and their friends were going to go out, but we ended up just going to their house for a bonfire instead. I sat around the fire for a little bit, and then ended up heading inside with the kids to play some games and color. It was fun acting like a kid again :)

This morning I woke up to a sleepy dog that took over my spot as soon as I got out of bed.....

The temperature was in the 70s today (wahooo!), so I busted my flip-flops back out. Not too often you get to wear sandals in the middle of November, so I jumped at the chance.

After church today my mom and I headed out to Rookwood. We ate at Qdoba....

.....shopped around......

.....ate Yagoot......

.....and got carry-out from PF Changs for dinner!

Then later on we headed to Target and I got a cute little Christmas tree for my room. I think it's very festive.

So of course I had to break out my Believe banner I made last year too.

Now I'm all ready for Christmas. And on that note, I'm off to watch another Christmas movie!

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