Thursday, November 29, 2012

Babies and Birthdays......and Baking!

Just now getting around to posting about last weekend, but that's how life goes! I've been so busy with Christmas coming up, school work, and exams around the corner. Don't be surprised if my posting gets more sporadic :)

Last October I had a post about my weekend called Babies and Birthdays. Well this last weekend reminded me SO much of that considering I had a baby shower and birthday party to attend too!

On Saturday I worked on some pink and yellow cake pops in the morning. Today (Thursday) is my cousin (and goddaughter's!) 1st birthday, and her party was on Sunday. I was in charge of making all the sweets!

In the afternoon my mom and I went to a baby shower for my cousin's fiance. So fun!

Then it was back to more baking. I decorated the cupcakes pink and yellow too since that was the theme. I made everything from scratch, and I was so happy with the way it turned out.

Then it was a break from baking to eat Panera with my family and stoping over my aunt's house to help set up (which turned into me just playing with the girls!) for the big birthday party on Sunday.

I then went home and finished the baking by decorating a smash cake for Savannah. I LOVED the way it turned out using her monogram.

Sunday was the birthday party!

We got Savannah this totally tacky singing Christmas tree, but at least she loves it!

She wasn't too sure what to do with the smash cake....

....but she eventually got the hang of it!

And that was my weekend - filled with lots of family fun and baking. Hope you all have had a great week and a less busy one than me - ha! I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday!

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