Sunday, December 2, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is up, and I have had a very good and {somewhat} relaxing weekend. All is right in the world - ha!

Wednesday night we put the lights on our tree.

And we finished decorating it on Thursday!

On Friday night my friend Danielle and I went out to a shopping place called Crestview just to walk around for a little while. It was SO fun! We had dinner at Five Guys, shopped a bit, and got Starbucks. A perfect Friday night in my opinion.

I got this amazing hand cream this is quickly becoming my new favorite thing. It's called Hand Food by Soap & Glory. I got a small tube for $5 at Sephora, which I didn't think was too bad. It makes your hands feels so soft, and it smells really good too. The scent reminds me a lot of Miss Dior Cherie!

We also came across this really cute store called Altar'd State. They literally had the cutest clothes and accessories (PS - you can shop online too!). It's a Christian based store, which I really liked. The had really good Christian Christmas music playing, and they had a ton of those cute inspirational wall quotes for sale too. Some of their profit they donate back to charity too - I just thought it was a great store!

And because I'm a total dork I even took a picture in the dressing rooms. They had the nicest fitting rooms I have ever been in. It was like a lounge :)

On Saturday night I babysat one of my favorite little girls! I always have fun playing with her.....

How neat is this giant moose stuffed animal she has? I think I liked laying on it as much as she did :)

I turned on some Christmas music for us to listen to, and I was learning some very interesting facts off this channel. I thought this one was particularly interesting....

Today after church my family and I headed out to the mall for a little bit. It was crowded, but I honestly love the crowds during the month of December.

Then we came home and made homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner. So yummy!

I also worked on homework with Coco.....

........painted my nails festively........

.........and watched a Christmas movie!

I can't believe it, but tomorrow marks 1 year since I went to New York City at Christmas. (I totally thought it was today since I forgot it was a leap year - ha!). Oh how I wish I was on that bus right now headed to NYC again. Such fun memories.....

I hope you all have a great start to another week! I've been a little stressed lately about all the work I have to do and all of the events going on, but this weekend helped calm me down. It's going to be busy, but I'm looking forward to a fun couple of weekends! Next weekend's mission is to do all of my Christmas shopping, which I haven't even started yet....

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