Monday, December 3, 2012

Project 365: November

I'm almost done with Project 365 for 2012. So crazy! And sorry if these posts are super boring. I realize that a lot of the stuff is repeated from previous posts, but I like having them to look back on for my own records :)

November 1 - Angry Birds cake pops for Brandon's birthday party tomorrow!

November 2 - My sweet girl and I!

November 3 - Yum!

November 4 - Such a pretty day!

November 5 - Came out of school to find treats in my car that Mom left me!

November 6 - Random picture taking tonight!

November 7 - Target has all of their Christmas stuff out!

November 8 - Panera, hot chocolate, Christmas movie kind of night :)

November 9 - Graeter's with Danielle tonight.

November 10 - Savannah and I at Maddie's soccer game this afternoon.

November 11 - Obsessed with my new tinsel tree for my room!

November 12 - Dominic group at the NHS induction ceremony tonight!

November 13 - I love that tongue!

November 14 - Love working on homework under the covers with Coco :)

November 15 - My sweetie :)

November 16 - So cute!!

November 17 - Fun gender reveal cake pops I made for Erin's friend.

November 18 - Cracker Barrel for dinner!

November 19 - Super fun turkey cake pops for Danielle's sister.

November 20 - Panda Express night with Mom since Dad was working late.

November 21 - Shopping at Kenwood to start off my Thanksgiving break :)

November 22 - Spending my Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating a doughnut, reading the Black Friday ads, and snuggling with Coco. What could be better?

November 23 - Black Friday shopping!

November 24 - Lots of goodies for the big birthday party tomorrow!

November 25 - Sweet Savannah's 1st Birthday party this afternoon!

November 26 - My Small One!

November 27 - It's been a Chick-fil-A shake run kind of night. Yum :)

November 28 - The lights are on!

November 29 - Decorated our tree tonight!

November 30 - Dinner, shopping, and Starbucks at Crestview tonight with Danielle!

I can't believe there's only 1 more month left in 2012!

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