Friday, December 7, 2012

I Have Been Blessed

I love the song Blessed by Martina McBride, and I thought of it as I sat down to write this post.

Lately I've just been noticing so many different blessings in my life. I think during the Christmas season, it's so easy to see all of the things you have going for you.

Here's a few of things I have been blessed by......

Excellent weather on Monday. The rest of the week hasn't been as nice, but on Monday I wore capris and a short sleeve shirt. In December. Love!

My sweet dog who loves me for me. She's currently curled up on my lap as I write this post!

Random calls from family. One of my cousins called me earlier in the week to tell me about a new cupcakery I need to try out (she knows me well!) and just to chat a little bit. I love that I have family I enjoy spending time with. I also love that my family puts our family first!

Parents that know me so well. Not many people would know that giving me a St. Nick present of Paris cupcake liners and a Christmas spatula is my dream come true!

The sweetest mentor ever for my Senior Project. I met with her last night, and she came with 3 cakes made that we ended up stacking into a 3-tiered cake and decorating. I brought the cake into school today, and everyone loved it!

She also gave me a ton of baking goodies to "add to my collection". I can't believe how generous she is.

Super sweet friends. My lunch table friends all decided to do a gift exchange. We picked names, and we're planning on going out to lunch over Christmas break to swap presents. I'm SO excited!

As Martina put it perfectly, I have been blessed.

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Anonymous said...

I love warm weather! I didn't like living in the mountains, because it was always so cold.

Your mentor is so sweet!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!