Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Darling

First off - I finally have some of the group pictures we took before the Christmas Dance on Friday. Thought I'd share those first!

Morgan, Allie, Maggie, Andrea, Me, Danielle, and Ashley

Saturday was so fun too - the Christmas festivities just keeping coming!

I went out to lunch yesterday with my lunch table friends. There's a group of us that always sit together for lunch at school, and we decided to do a gift exchange. We met at my friend Erin's house so we could go together, but I thought we were doomed before we even left. One of my friends got a call that her dad had been in a car accident (nothing serious), but she left anyway. And then my other friend dropped and shattered the screen on her phone all in a matter of minutes. Crazy! Thankfully after that there were no more issues.
We went to eat at Dewey's in Newport. It was cute all decorated for Christmas. The gift exchange was so fun. I was cracking up because my friend Christina (the one who had to leave) had me for the gift exchange, and she must know me very well since she got me a cake pop book, a new scarf, lotion in Paris Amour (I love Paris), and Ghirardelhi chocolate. Literally all of my favorite things!

Mel and Lisa

Danielle, Mel, and Morgan

Morgan and I

Me, Lisa, Erin, Mel, Danielle, and Morgan

Then later on last night my mom and I met my aunt and cousins at their church for a Christmas show.

I took this picture as we passed downtown. I don't know if you can tell but 3 of the building were lit up for Christmas, and I thought it was so neat!

Maddie and I waiting for the show to start

I know this picture is bad and dark - but look how crowded this place was. They have little hot chocolate and coffee stands set up all over. It cracks me up!

The show is called Awaited, and it's neat because it's a different spin on the classic Christmas story.

After the show my mom and I grabbed dinner at Max & Erma's. I hadn't been there in years. The only thing I remembered about it was their cookies, so I, of course, had to order one. It was just as good, if not better, than I had remembered. The perfect ratio of gooey inside to crunchy outside. Perfection!

And that was my Saturday! Hope you all are having fun making Christmas memories this weekend with friends and family like I am!

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