Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Fun

I have been a terrible blogger lately because of all the craziness going on lately. This past weekend was so busy, but so fun!

On Friday I came out to a sweet treat in my car from my mom - I love it when she does that!

I didn't have to babysit, so I came home and wrapped presents with my sweet Coco!

Friday night my family and I went to the Festival of Lights at our zoo. We go every year, and it's always one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

This display is my favorite!

They added this new S'mores station too that I loved!


Then we went and drove around looking at Christmas lights - another Christmas tradition!

On Saturday I studied (we have exams this week) and went to my cousin's college graduation party.

Then I studied some more and ran some errands with my family. We had to stop out at the mall to get a Christmas present for my grandma. While we were out there, we stopped at Quaker Steak for dinner. I had never been there before, but my dad's side of the family always talks about it.

Yesterday was another crazy day. We got up early to go to church, and then we did our annual cookie baking with my mom's side of the family!

I proposed changing up the sugar cookies this year by adding my favorite buttercream icing on top! Everyone else agreed, so I went to town decorating them all cute.

I think the iced sugar cookies is going to become the new tradition.

I also babysat last night. It was kind of weird though. I babysat my dad's friend's daughter because her dad was having a poker party. So I babysat upstairs while her dad, my dad, and all of their friends were having a party downstairs. Kind of weird but still fun. She's just the cutest!

Then I came home, watched a Christmas movie, and worked on my art exam project. I'm looking forward to all of these exams being over - maybe then I'll have more time to blog!

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