Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm just now getting around to my Halloween post. But late than never, right? :)

This year Halloween was cold and wet. Not a very fun combination! I was done with babysitting early, so that gave me some time to head home, work on homework, and eat a pumpkin cookie before the craziness (and coldness!) began.

I didn't have a costume this year, but Coco did! I thought she was the cutest dog around.

Every Halloween I go over my aunt's house and walk around with my cousin's as they go trick-or-treating. This year I got over there a little early to eat some chili before heading out. So good on a chilly day.

Savannah was the cutest little zebra this year for her first Halloween!

Sydney was a ladybug and Maddie was a fairy!

My cousin Melissa and I walked around with Maddie and Sydney as they trick-or-treated. To me, Halloween isn't as fun unless you have kids to experience it with!

We went back to my aunt's house after walking her whole street and warmed up. I was seriously wearing my winter coat - it was that cold!

Savannah was loving Coco.....

I headed home a little after 7, passed out candy to literally one person and headed inside because it was too cold, and I still had homework to work on.

Hopefully next year the weather will be better! I still had fun this year though. After Halloween it always seems like Thanksgiving and Christmas come so quick!

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