Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hi Spring!

This is the first weekend that it has finally felt like spring, and it's been glorious!

On Friday night some of my friends and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate my friend Nicci's birthday. It was fun getting out with some of my oldest friends but some that I don't always get to hang out with anymore.

My friend Erin and I split their chocolate cake too, and it was SO yummy! It was layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, and chocolate ganache - amazing :)

Saturday afternoon was so gorgeous and in the upper 50s, so my mom and I headed out to one of our outdoor shopping places.

I am loving all of the spring fashions out for this upcoming season too. The colors are my personal favorites - tons of pastels!

Oh, and the shoes for spring and summer? To die for! I'm going to need to stock up on a few more pairs of wedges in some fun colors.

And of course we had to get some Yagoot too.

The rest of the day I worked on some homework, cuddled with Coco, and worked on some more senior trip plans with my friend Danielle. We have almost everything planned out and booked, and I am getting SO excited.

Today the temperature got up into the 60s! I'm also pretty happy with the upcoming forecast. We've got a few chillier days coming up, but nothing too bad. I'm just happy it seems as though winter is over.

I finally got to dig out a 3/4 length sweater I bought back in January since it was finally warm enough to wear it. I'm obsessed with the giant bow it has on the shoulder!

I broke out these shoes too. I bought them a few years ago, and I think they're so cute and perfect for spring. The only bad thing? They aren't very comfortable. I've decided that sometimes fashion trumps comfort though.

This afternoon we went to listen to my cousin's piano recital, grabbed Orange Leaf, went shopping for a new TV for my grandma, and got Chipotle for dinner. So busy!

Now I'm watching one of my favorite movies: Sweet Home Alabama.

I'd say it's been a pretty good weekend. I'm just happy I didn't have a whole lot of homework - it was a really nice break. I love feeling refreshed for the upcoming week :)

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