Monday, March 25, 2013

Makeup Monday {Spring Products}

I haven't done a makeup post in forever because I wanted to wait until I had a few products to talk about. I have found some really fun new products that I have been loving lately, and most of them are pretty inexpensive because they come from the drugstore!

Here's some of my new favorites that I think I'll be using a LOT this spring when it finally gets here! We have another snow day today, so spring still feels kind of far away....

It seems like BB creams are everywhere lately. Almost every makeup brand has their own version. Basically it's a product that does multiple different things, like moisturizing and concealing.

I decided to try the Clinique one simply because I've been happy with Clinique products in the past. It was also a little cheaper than some of the other brands, and you got a lot more product.

I've been using it for maybe about a month now, and I really like it. First off, I like that the Clinique counter will find the right shade for you. The BB Cream only comes in 3 shades, so since I am pretty fair skinned, I assumed I would need Shade 1. The lady at the Clinique counter tested them for me, and told me I was more Shade 2. Glad they did that before I bought the wrong one!

I find that it does moisturize your skin, while also having SPF 30. It provides enough coverage that you can use it alone or under your foundation. If I'm running late, I'll just wear it on its own, otherwise I'll put a little layer of foundation over top. The tube you get of it is also pretty big, and you use such a small amount that I can see this lasting a long time! I would definitely recommend this one if you're looking to try out the BB Cream trend :)

I have never been a huge eyeliner person because I've been that good at apply it. I recently fell in love with the gel liners from the Defining Eyes Palette though. Ever since then I've been wanting to try a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip in black. I tried this one, and I have really been liking it. It's pretty easy to apply and looks great even if you're like me and not usually very good at applying eyeliner!

I LOVE this blush! I wasn't real sure what it was going to be like when I first bought it, but I am obsessed. The product is unlike anything I've ever seen before because when you do touch it, the blush does have a little bounce to it. It is weird but really neat at the same time. It's more of a cream blush than a powder, and the color really transfers well. I think the Candy Coral shade gives you the perfect spring glow. I've been wearing this every day since I bought it last week!

Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Pink Pop
I had heard good things about this lipstick, so I went ahead and bought it this weekend. And then I opened it and got really scared. It is a CRAZY pink. The color is a little off on this picture - it's even more of a bright pink in real life. When Maybelline says vivid, they mean vivid! When I first opened it, I thought it was going to look stupid on. I thought I would look like I have cotton candy colored lips - ha! But I actually really like it. True, it is bright and you don't need a lot of it, but it is SO different from any other lip color I have. It does make your lips a bright pink, but it isn't a tacky, unwearable bright pink. Brighter lips are big this season, and I think this is a perfect spring color to hop on board with that trend.

And those are a few of my favorite new spring products. I hope you'll try out a few of these - I think they are all such fun products!

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