Monday, January 21, 2013

Makeup Monday {Defining Eyes Palette}

This is something I've been meaning to blog about for, well, about a month now - ha! I've got lots of makeup posts I need to do because I got some fun new makeup for Christmas.

But I felt as though this Christmas present deserved a post of its own because it just might be my favorite makeup palette ever.

I've been a Naked Palette girl for a long time, and although that is still one of my favorites, this palette is even better because it contains almost everything you need to do your eyes. It has not just eyeshadows, but also a really nice eyeshadow brush, 2 gel eyeliners, and a double ended eyeliner. The only things you need to add are mascara and a primer. Awesome!

The kit is called the Defining Eyes Palette from Sigma. You can order it online because there is only 1 Sigma store located in the Mall of America. I heard about it from my favorite makeup YouTube artist, Tiffany D. She has taught me SO much over the past year, and she's the one who actually created the palette. Every single makeup product she has recommended I have loved, so I knew her palette was going to be even better!

This is what the packaging looks like....

....and here's a glimpse of what the palette all comes with!

First I'll talk about the brush. You get a dual ended brush inside the kit, and another small complimentary one when you purchase the palette. I've never been one to buy expensive brushes. My makeup brushes come from Target (nothing fancy), because I never understood how a "good" brush could make that much of a difference. Well these are high quality brushes, and there is a noticeable difference between these and my "cheap" ones. These brushes are much softer and tend to honestly apply the color better. I'm now seriously considering ordering some more Sigma brushes in the future!

Now the eyeshadows. I haven't had a ton of time to experiment with them quite yet, but the formula of them is awesome. They don't fade or crease throughout the day. I love the colors too. At first I didn't know if I'd get a ton of use of some of the colors, especially the blue called Midnight. But I think the Midnight shade might be my favorite color in the palette! I also love both of the highlighting colors - Halo and Beam. They're my favorite highlighting eyeshadows now!

The gel liners..... When I first got the kit, I was afraid to try out the gel liners. I admit that I am BAD at applying an eyeliner pencil to my upper lid. I can line my waterline just fine, but every time I apply it on top, it turns out to be a catastrophe. So I put off trying these until a day when I had a lot of time to apply my makeup so that if I totally messed it up, I could redo it all. Well, I ended up falling in love with them! They are 10 times easier to apply than a normal eye pencil. I used the complimentary brush, and I am now obsessed. The formal is great (they don't wear off throughout the day), and they are literally perfect! And it comes in 2 different colors - Blackout and Chocolate.

And last but not least, the double ended eyeliner pencil. One side is white, and the other is a dark blue. I had a Sephora brand white before this, but the formula of the Defining Eyes one is much better and creamier. I also love the dark blue color too - it really makes your eyes pop.

Another thing that I think is great about the palette is that it comes with a small book of different looks. It goes through step-by-step instructions of how to recreate them, which has really helped me. Tiffany has also done some tutorials using the palette on her YouTube channel.

These are some of my favorite looks that I've done with the palette. I can't wait to test out different looks!

(just ignore the fact that I'm holding up a random t-shirt in this....) I think my eyes stand out a little more than usual.

(And I just realized I'm wearing the same shirt I'm holding up in the previous picture - ha!)

I would for sure recommend that you go and order this palette ASAP! It's definitely worth every penny. You can check it out on Sigma's website here or you can read more about it from Tiffany here.

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