Sunday, January 20, 2013

Babysitting & Basketball

This weekend has been great so far, and it's not even over yet!

I kicked off the weekend with a trip to Starbucks. I had a gift card from Christmas that I hadn't yet used - I don't know why it took me so long to use it.

I spent the rest of my Friday night hanging out with one of the cutest and sweetest 1-year olds! Every time I watch her she's doing something new and showing her personality a little bit more. Her new trick this time was opening the pantry door. It didn't take her long to figure out where the food is kept!

She's SO sweet. It's fun to slowly see her personality come to life!

Saturday was spent taking it easy for the most part. I love relaxing weekends after a stressful week. At night we went to the UC basketball game.

I was able to sport the UC t-shirt my aunt gave me for Christmas. Hopefully this time next year I'll be a bearcat!

I hadn't been to a basketball game in years. I'm definitely not a basketball girl. I usually hate to watch sporting events in general, but I actually really enjoyed myself last night.

And it's totally weird to think that I just might be graduating in that arena someday...... :)

One of my favorite things is watching the dancers and cheerleaders perform.

It was a super intense game too! UC was way up at half-time, but they ended up going into over-time and they won 71-69 in the last few seconds of the game. Crazy!

Hope you all have a great rest of your {hopefully} long weekend!

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