Sunday, January 13, 2013

Travel Planning & Other Happenings

Hi - hope you had a great weekend! I've had a good week in general, and I am SO thankful for that. Here's what's been happening in my life lately.....

I have been watching movies like crazy as of late. Every night last week I watched a movie since I didn't have a lot of homework. Love that! These are just a few of my recent picks.....

I also watched The Vow and 13 Going on 30 too. Chick flicks are my favorite :)

Last Monday I locked my keys in my car for the first time in my life :/ I went to get gas, and I was so excited to see it for under $3 a gallon that I grabbed my phone so I could take a picture.

As soon as I snapped the picture, I realized I didn't have my keys in my hand. Since my car doesn't have automatic locks, I'm always in the habit of locking the door as soon as I open it. I hoped that I hadn't actually locked it, but no such luck. Darn!

Can you see my keys on the seat?!

Thankfully my mom was only 10 minutes away, but of course it was cold out that night and everyone wanted to get gas since it was under $3. I had 4 separate cars pull up behind me to wait for my pump, so I had to explain to 4 different people that I locked my keys in my car and that they weren't going to want to wait for my pump. Talk about embarrassing!

After that I made a b-line to Kroger's to pick up my favorite Ben & Jerry's pint - Half Baked. My whole day hadn't been real good, so I thought I deserved the treat - ha!

The rest of the week was spent laughing at Coco using my cell phone as a pillow (crazy dog!).....

.....and enjoying some unseasonably warm weather.

This weekend was another pretty good and relaxing one.

I snapped this picture of the sky Friday night because I thought it was just gorgeous.

Then I went to dinner with one of my friends to plan our Senior Trip. It's been a crazy ride trying to figure it out, and although we had to scratch our initial idea that involved going to California, I'm really looking forward to our new plan as long as we can find reasonable airfare. I'll share more details when we actually book something!

On Saturday morning my mom and I headed out to the mall to do a little shopping. I took this picture of the river when we were driving - I thought it looked like a river of clouds instead of water.

We got what we were looking for at the mall, so it was a successful shopping trip!

On the way home we stopped at Yum, a cute little cupcakery. They were out of everything except one flavor, so that made my decision really easy. It was German Chocolate, and although it was good, I was disappointed in the coconut filling since I'm not a coconut fan. Oh well - still a good treat.

That night I went out to eat with my parents and their friends. The point of the dinner was so that they could plan their "adults only" trip this summer. They had planned on going to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for 4 nights. They ended up deciding it wasn't worth the travel time and money to only do 4 nights. So it turned into them doing a 4 night trip somewhere they could drive to. But the good news? We're all going to the all-inclusive Mexican resort for a week! We haven't booked anything yet, but my parent's friends and their kids are (most likely) going to go with us! I'm SO looking forward to it. My family had originally just planned on doing a Florida beach vacation this year, so I was thrilled with the upgrade - ha!

Today my mom's side of the family met for brunch at a cute little restaurant called Market Street Grille. We used to go there all the time (every Sunday), but we haven't been in almost a year.

Savannah and Maddie

The rest of my afternoon was spent decorating cookies. I feel like I haven't baked in forever, so I was so happy to get back to it this weekend.

The reason I made cookies was to experiment a bit with the icing. And although it didn't turn out the way I had initially envisioned, I am still happy with the way they turned out.

And that's been what's been going on in my life lately. I'm so blessed!

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Anonymous said...

My little cousin got Dolphin Tale for Christmas. He only watched it once so far because I wanted to watch it. :P I love dolphins. Those cupcakes are gorg!! I wanted to pick one up and admire it :)