Monday, January 7, 2013

Makeup Monday {More Revlon Products}

Back in November I wrote a makeup post about a few Revlon products I was loving: The Smoky Shadow Sticks and Lip Butters. Since I wrote that post, I've gotten a few more different colors in those products, and I love them SO much that I wanted to do another post on them.

I had the Smoky Shadow Stick in Atomic, but I recently got another one in Volcanic. I love this one even more than Atomic! Atomic has a gold and dark brown side, where Volcanic has a white and black side. I love using the white side the most. I apply it on my lid before I apply my eyeshadow, and it makes anything I put on top sparkle. I love it so much!

My other favorite Revlon products are the Lip Butters. These may be some of my favorite lip products ever. Seriously, you need to go to Target or some other drugstore right now and pick up a couple shades! They apply the perfect amount of color, they are fairly long wearing, and they have a bit of a shine to them. Pretty much perfection. I still love my Creme Brulee one (the first one I got), but I have impressed by every other one I've bought (and I now have 5!).

My other ones include......

Berry Smoothie
This is a really pretty magenta pink color. It doesn't come across as real bold, but it does give your lips a deep pink color!

Pink Truffle
This is a darker pink than Berry Smoothie. It's a little bit more of bold color. It almost has a little bit of brown in it, but it's really pretty.

Red Velvet
When I bought this one, I was very scared (and for the record, it doesn't really look like this picture - it is a much darker red than it comes across). I am NOT a bright red lipstick kind of girl. But I had heard good things about this color, and I bought it right before Christmas, so I thought that would be a good time to be able to wear it. Because let's be honest, you really can't rock a red lipstick every day. This is definitely not a daily wear kind of lipstick. But I actually love it. It's pretty much the perfect red. Not too dark, but not too bright either. It's not an orange red or a dark brown red. It's really just red. I love it so much, and I think it's perfect for special occasions or days when you might get a little more dressed up.

I was wearing the Red Velvet shade in this picture (just to give you a better idea of what it looks like on!)....

Sugar Frosting
I also love this shade because it's different from all the rest! It's a light pink that is much more practical for everyday. I think it's a great color!

As you can see, I have been loving the Revlon products as of late. I would love to get every shade of the Lip Butters, but I think I'll stop at 5 for now :)

I've found that the best place to buy Revlon products is at Ulta. They often run sales on Revlon products that other drugstores don't. When I was in there last, they had a promo for buy 2 Revlon products, get 1 free. Then I also had a $5 off coupon that I could use too. They send out monthly coupons to members of their rewards program, and it makes these products that much more affordable!

Have you tried any of these products, and if so, what's your favorite shade?

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