Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Favorite Hair Products

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair that generally leans more toward hate. If I let it air dry 100% naturally and did nothing else to it, I would never ever leave my house because it's pretty much just a frizzy mess. That's why I've been using a straightener on it for basically as long as I can remember because that helps get the frizz under control. I've tried tons and tons of hair products, but nothing helps it like a little heat from a straightener.

Over the last few months though, I've found some products that I really like and have helped me.

I always use the John Frieda Smooth Start shampoo and conditioner. I really like this stuff because it always makes my hair feel super clean, and although my hair is still pretty frizzy, it's not quite as bad as it was before I starting using the Smooth Start products.

If I'm straightening my hair these days, I always use the Garnier Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector. You just spray this on a section of dry hair and then immediately straighten over top of it. It makes your hair smoother and shinier, but it's also a heat protector. Since I use so much heat on my hair (unfortunately), protecting it from the heat as much as possible is super important. I love this stuff!

I also discovered a new trick for my hair that requires absolutely no heat - beachy waves!

I haven't done this a ton, but I was happy with the results (although the one day it rained and my hair was SO frizzy that I decided beachy hair will not be happening on rainy days - ha!).

It's super easy though, and I love that I can do this every once in a while to give my hair a break from the heat. After I shower at night, I use a little of the Pantene BB Creme on my damp hair to try and reduce some of the frizz (I've been using this when I blow dry my hair too!).

Then I spray my hair with the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt Spray. I love this stuff because it smells so good! Then I section my hair off into three braids and sleep on it. In the morning, I take the braids out, and I'm left with beachy waves.

I know this picture isn't the best, but this is what my hair looks like when I do the beachy waves!

If you have naturally frizzy and crazy hair like me, you should try out some of these products - I've been impressed with all of them!

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