Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project 365: May 2014

May is always one of my favorite months. I always get to kick off the month by celebrating my birthday, and then the rest of the month is always pretty busy it seems with family parties and celebrations. Plus it's finally starting to get warmer, which is always a good thing, especially after the winter we just had!

Here's what I was up to this May.....

May 1 - Slept in until 12, cuddled with Coco, spent the day relaxing, and babysat.

May 2 - Yagoot, a manicure, and dinner at Moerlein make for a pretty good pre-birthday celebration!

May 3 - Birthday selfie with my pup!

May 4 - Cheered the runners on at the Flying Pig this morning!

May 5 - Coco being crazy tonight....

May 6 - Picnic at the park with Danielle and an afternoon of reading and relaxing on the couch....this is why I love summer.

May 7 - Can't put this book down tonight. So good!

May 8 - Loving this pair of Sam & Libby wedges - I may have to go back to Target and pick them up soon!

May 9 - Making a yummy dessert for a KBS party tonight!

May 10 - Lazy Saturday of planting flowers, eating Zip Dip, and watching movies in bed.

May 11 - Celebrated Mother's Day by eating dinner at Crave and seeing The Phantom of the Opera.

May 12 - I love sitting on the couch reading my book with the windows open and the breeze coming in!

May 13 - Got to play with Savannah today!

May 14 - Rainy day at work, but that's always just a good excuse to wear my pink Hunters! Loved this outfit with my new blouse and pendant!

May 15 - Got to see Sydney's spring concert tonight!

May 16 - Beautiful night for dinner at Don Pablo's with Danielle!

May 17 - Outlet mall shopping, Rita's, and a family party. What a great day!

May 18 - "I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!"

May 19 - Why am I reading a business book on campus during summer?!?

May 20 - Having fun getting some birthday stuff together for Dad's 50th tomorrow!

May 21 - Celebrating Dad's birthday at Incline House!

May 22 - Love my puppy!

May 23 - Such a fun night at the Red's game!

May 24 - Busy day: made cake pops, went to a graduation party, and babysat!

May 25 - Finished up cupcakes this morning for Melissa's graduation party in the afternoon!

May 26 - Perfect way to spend Memorial Day - at the Taste of Cincinnati!

May 27 - Saw this ad in a magazine today, and it gave me just another reason to question the person who came up with the saying "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

May 28 - Orange Leaf after a long day of work!

May 29 - Saw these at Target tonight and just had to try them!

May 30 - Took a walk with my best girl this afternoon!

May 31 - Went to Findlay Market this morning where I got this amazing chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo inside - yum!

Such a fantastic May - can't wait to see what June brings. I have a feeling that it may be the best month of the entire year...... ;)

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