Friday, June 20, 2014

It Did.

I find that I tend to draw a lot of post inspiration from songs I listen to, especially songs by Brad Paisley. He always seems to write songs that are so real, and I love that about listening to his music.

A few weeks ago I was shuffling through my songs on my iPod and came across Brad Paisley's "It Did". It was in my music library, but I had never heard it before. And I loved it. If you've never heard the song, I strongly recommend going here and listening to it!

My favorite part of the song is these lyrics:

And I said to myself
It doesn't get better than this.
No, it doesn't get better than this.
And it did.
It did.

Just when I start thinkin' it's as good as it can get,
This crazy life does something just to let me know
I haven't seen anything yet.

There have been so many times in my life that I've thought the exact same thing.

When I was graduating grade school, I thought I was at a high point. I had a big group of friends that always got together on the weekend, and I thought that it wouldn't get better than that. And it did.

I went to a fabulous high school and made so many memories with my grade school friends, but I also met a lot of new people. This time last year I was super sad because once again, I thought to myself that surely something so great and wonderful couldn't possibly happen to me again. I couldn't get that lucky. It wouldn't get any better than that. And it did.

Now I'm in college, and I love where I'm at in life. Things are crazy and uncertain, but I love college. I've made new friends and gone out of the country, and my first year has been so much fun. A small part of me thinks, once again, that college is it - the time in life where it won't get any better than this. But another part of me thinks that if the past is any indication of the future, then it will.

There are still so many more things ahead of me that I know will make my life so much better.

And I'm excited for a lifetime of more it did moments :)

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