Monday, June 16, 2014

Spa Day + The Weekend

This has been such a fun weekend! Every summer my mom and I go and get pedicures. We've probably been doing it for about 5 years, and it's always one of my favorite summer things.

This year we decided to splurge and get manicures too. And not just any manicures....shellac manicures! This is the first time I've ever done a shellac, so I'm really hoping it lasts a long time. I love how shiny the gel polish makes your nails though. This picture doesn't do my French manicure any justice - it looks way better in real life!

The lighting is a little off on this picture as well, but I went for OPI's Senorita Rosalita on my toes.

We also swung by a local shop that sells sorority stuff. I was obsessed with this Kappa Delta phone case, but then after I bought it and got to the car, I went to put it on my phone and realized it was an iPhone 4 case and I have an iPhone 5S. Fail. So I had to take it back - I'm so bummed!

We ate lunch at Piada (one of my favorites!) before we stopped at BonBonerie to pick up some sweets. We got a couple chocolate caramel macarons because they are simply the best.

We also got some Father's Day sugar cookies. Yum!

My mom and I walked around an outdoor shopping area, and I finally found some cute white shoes! I've been needing a pair for sorority events, and I just loved these. Plus, they made my legs actually look a little tan, which is a miracle considering my skin is super pale......

And no shopping trip is complete without a stop at Yagoot!

On Saturday I mostly just got some things done around the house, went to church, and had dinner with my family. While I was getting some things done, Coco was laying on my bed and decided to go ahead and use my pillow. What a diva....

Yesterday my mom's side of the family met down at one of my favorite restaurants on the river for lunch to celebrate Father's Day. It was a gorgeous afternoon surrounded by my family, and it was just perfect!

I love perfect summer weekends like this!

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