Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Few Days of School

So I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday about my first day school, so this is going to be a recap of everything that happened the last 2 days!

I was actually a little nervous going into my first day, but not NEARLY as nervous as I was last year :) But everything ended up being absolutely fine. I think I'll just run through my classes & what's been going on. I'm obviously not going to do this for the rest of the school year, because that would just be really boring to write & to read! But here it is...

Chemistry - I really like my Chemistry teacher. (Actually I like all of my teachers, which is a really good thing!) We already have a quiz in that class tomorrow, and we've already started doing a candle lab too. Nothing like diving in head first right away!

Pre-Cal - Definitely my favorite class so far. I've always loved math, so I was going into excited already. Plus, I have a lot of my friends in that class, and my teacher reminds me of one of my favorite grade school math teachers :)

Spanish - We haven't done a whole lot in here except for work on vocabulary cards. The main thing I like in this class is that I have my friend Rachel in there with me!

Religion - So, for my religion class I have the weirdest seat in the entire classroom. The room is set up with all of the desks in a U shape. However, I sit at a table all by myself in the back corner. It's really kind of odd.

Lunch - Lunch is great because that is the only time I really get to see a lot of my friends. They changed our lunches this year, and it's all healthy stuff. I'm not totally against that, but they took away my good iced sugar cookies. that was seriously about the only thing I bought there. That and fruit snacks which are gone too. They brought back some cookies, but they still aren't as good, and it makes me sad :(

Art - I LOVE art class. However, I'm bummed that one of my good friends isn't in there with me. Art is one of those classes where you can socialize while you do your work, so I love having people I can talk to.

World Cultures - This class kind of scares me because it is an AP class, which means it's a college level class. However, our teacher is really nice & funny, and he said that we will probably get A's and B's in his class, which made me feel a whole lot better.

English - English is my last class of the day. And again, we've already got a vocabulary assignment. These teachers are going to kill me - ha! But today we did this book club thing, which was kind of boring, but it was great to have a change of scenery, and to be in air conditioning!

Other than that, nothing new and exciting has been going on in my life. Just back to school, which means I probably won't have as much to blog about and I won't have as much time to blog. It's not very interesting to give the low down on every little thing that goes on in class :)

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