Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

I've really been struggling with coming up with good titles for my posts. This one just kind of popped into my head because I was just thinking about this song.

I was expecting today to just be a pretty lazy day, but when I woke up my Mom came up with some plans to get us out of the house! We went to the library first to pick up some of the Reagan Reilly mystery books by Carol Higgins Clark. They are SO good and I already finished one of them today - ha! Then we went out to Rookwood and ate at Five Guys for lunch. After lunch we headed over to the BonBonerie to get some desserts! We ended up getting a pack of cookies and some cake balls. Everything there is just so delicious and adorable. These are the cookies we got:

They even taste as good as they look (if you can believe that!).

We ran some other errands this afternoon, but nothing else super exciting happened today. I forgot to mention yesterday that my family decided to go to the Sugarland concert in a few weeks. I'm pretty excited about that - I'm going to be going to 3 concerts in 8 days - Rascal Flatts, Jonas Brothers, and now Sugarland. I think August is the month of concerts for me! :)

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