Monday, March 28, 2011

I See You Driving Around Town........

I was too busy to blog about the weekend last night, so I'm finally getting around to it today! I did a short post on Friday, but I wanted to do a longer post with the rundown on my weekend.

On Friday, I mostly stayed home and relaxed. It was actually really nice. I watched a lot of DC Cupcakes and Say Yes to the Dress episodes. But the big exciting news about Friday night is that my dad got a new car!

(I tried to take some pictures, but the sun kept reflecting off of it....)

When my parents came home with the car, we took it out for a drive and got some ice cream!

On Saturday my mom wanted to show the new car to my grandpa, so we headed out there and then we stopped at Target. We got Starbucks (go try their new cake pops - they are SO good) and walked around. We headed home for a little bit, then went out to dinner at Chick-fil-A! We had to kill some time, so we went to Target for the second time in one day - ha!

After Target I went over my friend's house to watch a movie. We ended up watching Misery.
It was pretty creepy, but it was really good too!

Sunday was another busy day! After church, my mom and I headed out to the mall. We got Yagoot and Auntie Anne's for lunch. (So, it was pretty much the best lunch) I didn't buy anything, but I found some cute shoes I'm going to keep my eyes on!

Then we had my aunt's 50th birthday party. We had dinner at their house, and then went to see my cousin's boyfriend's house. Then we went back to their house for cake and ice cream.

I've got to share a funny story about my cousin too. My cousin Brandon is 5 (I think), and he is a technology whiz. He is amazing at Angry Birds and was doing better than all of the adults last night. Well, the other day he went up to my dad and asked him, "Do you have an iPhone or an Android?"

My dad's answer: "I have a phone that makes phone calls."

HAHAHA. My dad has a basic phone that doesn't even have a camera. It was just so funny that my cousin thought the only phones out there were iPhones and Androids.

Well, that's the rundown of my weekend. I'll have my Remember When up on Wednesday, and I think it's going to be a good one with a lot of pictures!

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