Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretzels, Cookies, and Shopping!

This was a nice long weekend because I was off school today! Here's what I was up to this weekend.......

On Friday I went over one of my friend Melanie's house. We made pretzels (from scratch), hung out, and watched a movie!

My pretzel before....

And after!

On Saturday I didn't do a whole lot, but I went out to the mall for a little bit. I got this super cute wristlet for $9. You really can't beat that!

My school had our annual mini festival on Sunday. I had to work that for a few hours, but I ended up getting one of the best jobs - selling cookies! These cookies are my favorite, and they are so cute too!

I also got to go out to Panera with my friends for dinner! Panera is my ultimate comfort food :)

Today I headed out shopping with my mom. We did some mall shopping and I got Chipotle for lunch! Then we headed to another little outdoor shopping place too. I went into Old Navy, and they have the cutest stuff out right now! I'm normally not a huge Old Navy fan, but I was loving their prices and selection. I picked up this cute little cardigan that I can't get enough of!

Then we finished off our shopping trip with some Yagoot! I would say it was a successful day and weekend!

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