Friday, March 25, 2011


It's finally Friday! This is just going to be a quick and random post. I'll probably do another post either Sunday or Monday on the weekend. But, I wanted to share some really random thoughts from today........

1. Trust
Today we had Confession at school. The advice the priest gave me was to focus on one word: trust. I almost laughed out loud. Simply because trust is the word I choose for this year. My goal I wrote at the beginning of the year was to trust more! How cool is that? I think it's a sign - I for sure need to work on trusting more now!

2. Instagram
The iPhone seems like all of the rage lately. I would LOVE to have one, but the monthly data plans are something I can't afford at 15 :) LOL. I do have an iPod Touch though, which I love. Everyone has been talking about the Instagram app for the iPhone. Turns out you can use it on your iPod touch too! So, guess who is obsessed with the app now? That's right, me!

The app is SO easy to use and it makes your pictures look so cute.

 This is an old one from Disney a few years ago:

3. Remember When Wednesday
You know my Memory Monday? I'm going to change is to Remember When Wednesday. (Memory Wednesday just didn't sound as good!) It's just going to work out better for me to get the post up on Wednesday. It's hard to get it up right after the weekend, especially since I usually like to blog about my weekend on Sunday night.

Well, that's about it!
Have a good weekend!

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