Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Reads

When I was on vacation last week, I brought along 2 different books with me. I have 4 different books I have to read this summer for school, so I thought I'd give myself a break last week and just read a few books I wanted to read for fun. And it felt SO good. I absolutely love to read, but I hardly ever have time to read "fun" books because I'm either really busy or have so many books I have to read for school :/

But anyway, I brought these 2 books with me hoping that I could finish them during the week. I normally don't read on vacation, but it might be my new favorite thing now! I loved reading on the beach or by the pool - I'd actually never done it before.

The first book I read was called Red Velvet Revenge by Jenn McKinlay.

It was SO good and right up my alley! It was a mystery book (which I love!), and it centered around a cupcake bakery. What could be better than that?!?

Then I also read There's Cake In My Future by Kim Gruenenfelder.

This one was really good too! The title caught my eye (can you a theme going on here....), and it was a really fun book. A lot more adult content than the Red Velvet Revenge, but still a great read!

I actually finished both of these books before the week was up, so I stopped at a bookstore down in Destin in order to pick up another book. I got Sprinkle with Murder by Jenn McKinlay. This is actually the first book in her Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series. Since I had liked Red Velvet Revenge a lot, I figured I would give this a try too!

This one did not disappoint! There's a couple more books in this series that I'm dying to read too. I just need to get my butt moving with my summer books so I can get back to reading fun ones!

Have you read any great books lately?

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