Monday, July 2, 2012

Brothers of the Sun 2012

Last night I went to the Brothers of the Sun show! It was awesome since both Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney performed. It was also the longest concert I'd ever been to since both Tim and Kenny sang full sets. I loved every minute of it though :)

The concert was at Paul Brown Stadium, which was kind of different, and it also meant that there were a ton of people there! I took this picture during the opening acts when it wasn't even completely full yet.

I went to the concert with my friend Abby. It's funny because we always go to concerts together, and Kenny Chesney was the first concert we went to together back around 2005. It was fun since neither of us had seen Kenny since then, and we'd never seen Tim McGraw live.

There were 2 opening acts - Jake Owen and Grace Potter. Jake Owen played first.....

.....then Grace Potter. I ended up really liking her. She has a really good and unique voice!

Then Tim came out!

He opened with my favorite song of his....Felt Good On My Lips!

I think I might have a new favorite country artist :)

In fact, I'm listening to some Tim McGraw while I'm writing this....

About halfway through his set, a storm rolled in, and they put the concert on pause while everyone had to get under shelter. It was crazy, and we were worried that the storm was going to take a long time to pass, but it really wasn't too bad. Only about a 45 minute delay, thank goodness!

Something Like That - love that song too!

One of the things I really like about Tim McGraw is the fact that he's been married to Faith Hill for so long. It seems like most Hollywood marriages never last, but their's has lasted over 15 years. I also read that they have a rule where they're never apart for more than 3 days in a row. I just think that's so neat and unheard of these days. 

After Tim, it was Kenny's turn! We almost missed him coming out because we went on an ice cream run, but thankfully he had the longest intro I'd ever seen, and we didn't miss it!

He ended up coming out onto a stage in the middle of the audience, and then "flying" up to the stage. That must be his favorite entrance because he did that the last time I saw him about 7 years ago! 

Summertime - My favorite Kenny song ever. It always puts me in a great mood!

I have more pictures of Tim because the lighting was a lot better for his set, and I think he's better looking than Kenny - ha! 

I knew every single one of Kenny's songs that he performed. I used to be completely obsessed with him, and I'm pretty sure my family has every single song he's ever released. Ha!

Kenny and Grace Potter during You & Tequila. 

Bret Michaels came out and performed a song too. I didn't really know who he was - ha! But it was still kind of neat.

At the end Kenny and Tim came out and sang a few songs together. 

Feel Like a Rockstar....

And my second favorite Tim McGraw song.... Indian Outlaw!

Then everyone came out on stage at the very end. 

It was SUCH a great concert! It lasted about 7 hours, so I felt like I really got my money's worth. It was so different from a lot of concerts since there were 2 big names performing. I liked how I got to see both Kenny and Tim in one concert!

I'd say this was definitely the best country concert I've ever been to :)

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