Sunday, April 7, 2013

Babysitting & Baseball

I feel like I have been going non-stop this weekend (as usual). I had a lot of fun with family though, and I'm sad to see the weekend go.

I didn't have to babysit on Friday (or at all last week), so I was able to come home and kick my weekend off right away! My dad took the day off work, so we headed out to the mall to make a return and walk around a little bit. It's not too often my dad asks if I want to go to the mall with him - usually that's my mom!

That night we went to my cousin's thesis reception. She's graduating next month with a degree in graphic design, and they have a big project they have to do for it, so it was interesting to see hers.

My family grabbed Chick-fil-a after that, and I ended my Friday night on a high note with one of these.....

Saturday morning we met my cousin Erin and her husband Dan at IHOP. Somehow on Easter IHOP was brought up, and when I mentioned I had never been there before, they insisted that we go. I must say, I did like it, and it beat my expectations. I got strawberry/banana crepes with a cream cheese filling that were really good.

That afternoon I babysat one of my favorite little girls!

We did a lot of playing inside.....

.....taking selfies.....

....and playing outside and with my keys :)

Today my family and I went to the Red's game. I love baseball games - they always remind me of summer! The sun was shining, it was in the 70s, I was hot, I got my favorite cotton candy, and the Red's won. Basically, it was a pretty perfect afternoon.


After the game we swung by Fountain Square to get some Graeter's. Our NCAA "bet" each year is that the loser has to buy Graeter's for the whole family. Not too bad of a bet because the loser still gets ice cream out of the deal. I tallied up the points this morning, and realized that no matter the outcome of the final game, my mom was going to lose. I was able to come back from being down 10 points earlier on because I had 3 of the Final 4 and both of the Final 2. Yay!

We were able to eat our ice cream outside since it was so nice. I was loving all of the flowers on Fountain Square.

I feel like we finally got a glimpse of spring and summer weather this weekend. I'm so thankful for such a fun weekend spent with family.

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