Monday, April 1, 2013

Project 365: March 2013

March has come and gone, and I honestly can't believe it! Only a few more months until I'm 18 and a high school graduate. Crazy.....

It was yet again a pretty fabulous month, so here's what I was up to.....

March 1 - Went to the new Incline House for dinner tonight!

March 2 - Babysat Miss Lorelei today!

March 3 - Got one of my favorite cookies at Celebrate Seton this afternoon :)

March 4 - First Zip Dip of 2013!

March 5 - Sas and I at Cancun's tonight celebrating Aunt Joan's birthday!

March 6 - Our first snow day in over 2 years!!

March 7 - Tyler insisted on giving me a piece of pound cake complete with strawberries, whipped cream, and a glass of milk today. I don't know what got into him, but I'm not complaining!

March 8 - Celebrated Nicci's birthday at Olive Garden tonight. Erin and I split this amazing chocolate cake too :)

March 9 - Perfect day for some Rookwood shopping!

March 10 - 60 degree day called for spring shoes!

March 11 - Relaxing with this crazy one tonight. Thankful for a very small amount of homework!

March 12 - Trying hard not to eat all of these chocolate caramels myself :)

March 13 - Missing the weather we had this time last year.....

March 14 - Sleepy dog!

March 15 - Target has their summer stuff out now!

March 16 - Kenwood shopping day - finally got a new pair of flats!

March 17 - Turtle Sundae at Longhorn's this afternoon before the Mandisa, Brandon Heath, and Laura Story concert.

March 18 - Beginning to get a little more excited about this new upcoming chapter of my life!

March 19 - Cutie!

March 20 - My sad cupcakes that look good but don't taste good. Can't win them all!

March 21 - Panera comfort food for dinner since it was still in the 30s today :/

March 22 - Bought the Les Mis DVD tonight!

March 23 - Raspberry Gelati at Rita's! In my happy place tonight :)

March 24 - Enjoying a Cheryl's cookie tonight!

March 25 - Spent my snow day (yes - a snow day in SPRING) with this sweet pup!

March 26 - Hitting up Starbucks with Mom before heading to orientation at Children's.

March 27 - So proud of myself for the scavenger hunt I put together for Sydney and Tyler this afternoon! It was complete with 7 clues, a coloring activity, a treasure map, and cupcakes at the end. So happy that they LOVED it!

March 28 - Subway lunch this afternoon!

March 29 - Kenwood shopping day with a lunch break at The Cheesecake Factory!

March 30 - Margaritaville for lunch - feels like summer today!

March 31 - Happy Easter!

And that was my March! I've still got a couple of fun posts to write (hopefully this week!) about my Easter and the rest of my break. Hope you all have a good start to your week.

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